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Started in UK, FILEUP is the global best mining service provider.

We are leading the Web3.0 industry and expanding its network globally by developing innovative businesses. We are the most trustful and reliable mining service provider that you can make the best profit. Consider using FIL and ALEO mining services and get guaranteed rewards with FILEUP.


Simple. Highest.


  • Easily to choose the right tool for mining.
  • Achieve the highest performance in FIL & ALEO mining.
  • Generate income every day.


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    Stable Service

    FILEUP provides a higher level of technical to maintain stable network services.

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    Highest Security

    FILEUP constructs risk control system and multiple protection system.

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    Highest Performance

    FILEUP optimizes high-end mining-only hardware and software to maximize the performance.

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    No Monthly Cost

    You can use FILEUP mining services without monthly service fees.

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    The Best Affiliate Program

    You can experience diverse FILEUP affiliate programs.


Our Facilities

Global No.1 mining consignment company manages FILEUP mining facilities and systems professionally and systematically.
Long-term profits can be expected with technical support and safety management from global No. 1 mining consignment company.


FILEUP is mining using the global IDC service, which has over 15 years of business experience in the IDC industry.

We are collaborating with a global IDC center, the largest recovery service provider, with more than 300 data centers nationwide.

Through a Centralized Access Control System for managing visitor access, full digital CCTV coverage, and recording for both interior and exterior common areas,

as well as a customized cage system available for customers on demand, along with security control featuring trap doors and anti-tailgating in each data hall,

FILEUP is mining Filecoin and Aleo in the safest and most efficient manner.

FILEUP plans to introduce ALEO ASIC mining hardware. ASIC mining hardware is specialized for mining ALEO.

It is highly efficient because it is customized to perform the specific mathematical calculations required by the hashing algorithms of ALEO.

As a result, it can outperform general-purpose hardware in terms of speed and energy efficiency when it comes to the specific task of ALEO mining.

HAVC System

FILEUP introduced Heating, Ventilation,
Air conditioning system to create
the optimal mining facility.

24/7 Handling System
FILEUP installed CCTV and placed 24/7 manpower to increase security and to handle troubles immediately.
Ongoing Investment
FILEUP is continuously investing in facilities, technology and manpower for sustainable mining.  

Our Services

Open-source cloud storage marketplace, protocol, and incentive layer.

Filecoin is made by Protocal Labs, which is a peer to peer network that stores files, with built in economic incentives and cryptography to ensure files are stored reliably over time.

IPFS protocol

Filecoin is built on top of the same software powering IPFS protocol, which is a peer-to-peer distributed storage network that leverages content addressing to allow permanent references to the data, and avoids relying on specific devices or cloud servers for addressing the content.

Filecoin Plus

Filecoin Plus is a program that increases the Filecoin’s effectiveness at becoming the decentralized storage network for humanity’s most important information Filecoin Plus mechanism that incentivizes all participants to make Filecoin more useful.

Decentralization, scalability, and privacy.

ALEO was born from a desire to achieve the impossible to build a user experience on the web that is both truly personal and truly private. Aleo is the first platform to offer fully private applications.

Zero Knowledge

Aleo achieves this by leveraging decentralized systems and zero knowledge cryptography to protect user data on the web. At its core, Aleo offers users and application developers unbounded compute with absolute privacy.


By architecting Aleo as a blockchain that is private by default, open source, and built for the web, we believe Aleo is uniquely positioned to address the shortcomings of blockchain adoption. With Aleo, users have access to a world of truly personalized web services without giving up control of their private data.

FILEUP Performance


Adjusted Power

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Raw Byte PowerWin Count: 0
0.00 PiB
Total RewardSector Size: 0 GiB
0.00 FIL

Power Growth

0.00 PiB

Daily Power Growth

0.00 TiB/day

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Blocks Mined


Rewards (Ratio)

0.0000 FIL (NaN%)

Lucky Value

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